the idea

SOUL Restaurant and Lounge will be the new fresh food and entertainment spot in Virginia Beach, VA.  Located on the border of Norfolk, the location will be central to the region with easy accessibility, locally and by interstate.  The vibe will be a creative balance between a good soulfood restaurant, “house of blues” Live performance vibe, with a splash of special event  sports entertainment.  Intimate Live music performances will be regular, with weekly lounge and dance nights.  We will market and position the rebranded location with local residents, visitors, businesses and major organizations throughout the region to drive awareness and build reputation. 

The COVID 2020 experience will birth new businesses and opportuntities for growth.  SOUL will launch from this experience.  SOUL will signal a rebirth in this location, while positioning the restaurant and lounge as the new “it spot” for local residents and hotel guests, and the “must visit” spot for tourists and visitors.

the marketing

primary targets

Local Businesses

We will build relationships with local businesses to create awareness for special event platters and location for events.  Lunchtime special events are a possibility. Develop and employee marketing campaign to bring in young professionals afterwork and on weekends.

Local Residents

The residents of Virginia Beach/Norfolk and the Greater Hampton Roads region will be targeted for restaurant and after hours programming.  Soul will be branded as locals favorite. Touch points on social media and quarterly direct mail. 

Young Professionals

Young professionals age 25-40 love after work mixer and networking events.  Ladies night and Friday afterwork events will be key to this audience.  They have disposable income and enjoy time out with friends socializing over food and drinks.

Music Enthusiasts

After hour events and programming will primarily feature a Live entertainment component.  A primary void in Virginia Beach/Norfolk is a jazz and soul location with great food, atmosphere and service.  The live music will be a key attraction and those that love live music will be regular patrons.

Marketing Notes

Cross Market through hotel

Cross Market with VB Tourism/Sports Events

DRIP content to buildout database – Promo Offers

PR with local media : WTKR, NJG, VA Pilot, WAVY, WSKY, WOWI, WNVZ, WVKL,)

Pre-Launch Events (2) in Dec 2020, NYE 2021, MLK Weekend, LAUNCH Feb 1, 2021

Crowd Fund Membership Campaign

Official Launch Feb 1 , 2021

Additional Notes

This audience has incomes above $75k

Average plate may be $25    Up to $100 group platters

Special menu cuisines in soulfood, with Caribbean and Cajun inspirations.

Soul Restaurant & Lounge Merchandise will be developed

Membership marketing program development

On screen digital advertising program

Minimal Decor Enhancements

Media Screens (TVs)

Some Lighting updates

12-18” Staging for performers

Indoor Promotional signage

Outdoor Entry Signage

Live Entertainment will be central to the environment Thursday – Sunday

Enjoy some of Hampton Roads finest live musicians and vocalists.  Bands will play some of their orginal music and some of your favorite classic covers. Get up and dance or just groove to the sounds over a plate of delicious chef inspired cuisines

tentative weekly events

tentative upcoming events

Pre Launch Event One • Dec 12,2020

Pre Launch Event Two • Dec 19,2020

NYE 2021 Event • Dec 31,2020

MLK Weekend 2021

Soul Restaurant & Lounge  Launch • Feb 1, 2021




Purple Inc Marketing will:

  • assist with development of rebranding of space to: Soul Restaurant & Lounge
  • assist with general marketing functions as needed to launch rebranded space
  • market all weekly scheduled events Thursday-Sunday. 9pm-1am (cover$)
  • create and execute special events
  • Thursday-Sunday. 9pm-1am (cover$)
  • manage campaigns to attract groups and lunchtime parties (commission$)

Purple Inc Marketing will hold exclusive special event promotions agreement

Purple Inc Marketing will communicate regularly with property managemnt and sales, to guarantee smooth operations and maximize success of the newly rebranded space