its Purple Marketing

Virginia Beach, VA

We are a boutique marketing firm offering creative , consulting, and media services to select companies and organizations.

Media Services

Our clients have the best in print, creative design and digital media production at their fingertips. 

Marketing Consulting

Sometimes you just need a good ear, to bounce that new idea. We are great at ideation and brainstorming.  

Digital Marketing

If you are not online with your business, then you are NOT in business. Website, email, and socials must all be integrated.

We specialize in event marketing media and publishing

Events is what we love to do!  If its not an “in-house” event project, then we are knee deep in a client’s event. We provide many solutions for events. You name it, we got you covered: flyers, tickets, landing pages, social graphics, posters, banners, event sites, online ticketing and our #1 favorite, is multi-page programs and souvenir magazines.

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