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Virginia Beach, VA

We are a boutique marketing firm offering creative , consulting, and media services to select companies and organizations.

Greetings All!

Thanks for stopping by our website.  Here you will learn a bit more about what solutions we offer, standard fees for basic services, and most importantly there are several places where you can book a FREE consultation.  Its an awesome feeling to build a business doing what you love to do and help others do what they love to do as well as contribute positively to our community.  Media and special event marketing as really taken a hit in 2020, but we will all return bigger and stronger! Get it touch we us today and lets see how we can move forward together, bounce back together, be successful together. I look forward to hearing from you soon.  

Gerald Daniels

Chief Idea Guy

We specialize in event marketing media and publishing

Events is what we love to do!  If its not an “in-house” event project, then we are knee deep in a client’s event. We provide many solutions for events. You name it, we got you covered: flyers, tickets, landing pages, social graphics, posters, banners, event sites, online ticketing and our #1 favorite, is multi-page programs and souvenir magazines.

Media Services

Print Services • Digital Marketing • Marketing Consults

Print Services

As a manufacturer and print broker, our team has just the right affordable print solution.  If you need business cards, or large banners, we got you covered.  Any size any quantity. We specialize in multi page projects, like magazine, events and souvenir programs.  Click here and get started.

Digital Marketing

At Purple Inc Marketing, we have put together a team with deep knowledge and experience in digital marketing. Our team has solutions comprising all aspects of marketing online, including search engine optimization, pay per click advertising, social media marketing, and more. Tell us how we can help.

Marketing Consults

Here is what we like to say….

“Everything is Marketing and Marketing is Everything”.

There are many parts to your business and they all connect to marketing.  We can help make your marketing picture clear.  Schedule a 30 min consult.

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